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Curious Cattle Grazing on Elgin Pasture

~ “Curious Cattle Grazing in Elgin Pasture” ~

I finished the rush commision for the Elgin Cattlemen's Association. They presented this to Steve Peters Thursday, March 31 at a meeting at the Wallacetown Hall. “Curious Cattle Grazing in Elgin Pasture” © J. Phillips
An original acrylic painting on canvas commissioned by the Elgin Cattlemen’s Association to present to Steve Peters MPP for his support for Elgin County Beef Producers, March 2011.
Jenny loves to drive on the county and township roads of Elgin County soaking up the colours and images of rural Ontario. On a warm summer day she passed this field of grazing beef cattle. When she got out of her car some of the bovines stopped long enough to check out this curious human. Some of the cattle openly stared while others showed their distain to this human interrupting their meal by turning away.
Jenny appreciates and honours every farmer who labours 365 days a year to put food on our table.

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