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Tobacco Kilns East Elgin

~ “Old Tobacco Barns
– Pioneer Line, Aldborough Twsp.”

In the 1980’s I drove an old Ford Econoline van. Dave was having health problems and missed a lot of work. We had four kids living at home. The youngest was 10 and the oldest was 15. We only lived a short distance from the Dutton Pool and the kids spent as much time as they could in the summer in the pool. They took swimming lessons and joined the swim team. Swimming is one of the healthiest sports and the investment is cheap, a swim suit or two, goggles, nose and ear plugs and a cap. Beats the expense of hockey all to heck.

Dave spent his off time helping with the lane markers and the timing when he was able. This particular day I had to drive, no other parents available. We had Dutton’s lane markers and the stop watches with us and most of the one dozen swim team members. No other parents were available or didn’t have a van. We had a pan of brownies, a half bushel of pears from the neighbor and the towels and beach bags. Off we went, running a little late as usual. Rodney was hosting the meet and we drove west on Pioneer Line. The girls were peering out the windows as we sped through West Lorne. They waved at all the cute guys they saw.

I always carry my camera with me so I don’t miss any great scenes or special lighting moments and also so I could snap our great swim team. I noticed a particular scene that I had been eyeing for some time. The sun gilded everything with a golden hue so I pulled the van over to the shoulder and parked. I grabbed my camera and started shooting scenes with the old tobacco barns. Tobacco was first farmed in the western end of Elgin around the turn of the century. Sarah didn’t care about the lighting or the history here. She had a way of expressing her distain with one long drawn out word “M-O-T-H-E-R-!” The kids in the van squirmed and wiggled around holding up towels as screens and got into their bathing suits by the time I returned with my shots of gold. We pulled into the pool parking lot with just minutes to spare. The team did well but they loved to tell everyone how Sarah, Julie and Lisa’s mom – the artist- had an artistic moment on the journey there.

That was so long ago but the memories live on. The barns are now torn down but I can see them still in my mind every time I drive west on Pioneer Line. Life is so fleeting we have to capture the now because who knows what tomorrow holds.

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