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Are You a Prince

“Are You Really a Prince ?”

One of the joys of having a business on the main street of Dutton in the summer time is to sit on a bench in the shade and watch the people and traffic pass by. Sometimes it is just a nod of the head other times great conversations evolve. One of my pleasures is to chat with the young people in the strollers or those in wagons, on trikes or even in these new battery operated tractors and jeeps. Our first encounters are often brief with little or no eye contact but subsequent visits and familiarity soon reveals the developing personalities. Year by year I watch their growth and progress and marvel at their intelligence. Karen (Pickering) Timmerman walked by with young Amy in the stroller. I was immediately attracted to this chubby cheeked cherub.

One day they came by and Amy was wearing an old-fashioned dress that Grandma Timmerman had made. Amy’s legs were clad in navy blue ribbed stockings and little black leather Mary Janes. She had on a little denim hat to protect her fair skin from the harsh summer sunlight’s damaging rays.
What a doll!

I asked Karen if she would allow David to photograph Amy some sunny afternoon in Centennial Park, so I could do a painting of her. Karen said yes. The weather turned damp and weeks passed.

One day Karen showed up and said it’s now or never. Young Amy soon wouldn’t fit the charming little dress. So after a discussion of what I had in mind, Dave, Karen and Amy were off to the park for their photo shoot.

Dave’s photos were great. In the one shot Amy’s hand was extended as if she were reaching for something. I thought at first I would put a butterfly there but one morning I woke up and had a great idea. Amy to me was like a little fairy tale princess and what better than a frog-prince for her focus. However Amy, despite her old-fashioned attire, is a modern day child. She doesn’t give her kisses to just any old frog . . . . “Are you really a prince?”

available as a s/n Ltd Ed giclee print of 300 on AF soft luster paper unframed.

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call 1-519-762-2862