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“Stargazer Lilies in Blue Pot”

I love all flowers but these stargazer lilies are so-o-o-o beautiful and the scent is gorgeous too! Dave and I took a trip to Down Town London to the Covent Garden Market one summer day when we played hooky from the shop. I had my camera along and was taking shots of various plants, fruits, vegetables and people that I might take a mind to paint. My eye caught a glimpse of the cobalt blue pot and then I saw the lilies. I was in a daze. I collect cobalt blue glassware and I’m a Virgo, my birthstone is the blue sapphire. I hadn’t brought my paints along as I have difficulty painting on my mobility scooter. Instead I take numerous photos for reference and work at home in the studio. I have a mind that is able to have total recall of the scents and sounds of that day just by holding the photo and getting lost in the images. I remember that the florist that arranged these lilies was not happy that I was snapping photos instead of spending money at his kiosk. Too bad! Now these lilies are forever imprinted on my mind, along with all the other images I have painted. I put a part of myself in each painting and in turn they become a part of me. Hope you enjoy them too.

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